Misc Life changing events when people need to buy or sell their home! The decision to buy or sell a home is often accompanied by life-changing events that can significantly impact individuals and families. For those looking to purchase a home, it might mark a significant milestone such as marriage, the birth of a child, or a career advancement that necessitates a move to a new location. The […]
Misc How to Fire-harden your home! Did you know embers are the most dangerous part of a wildfire? Carried by the wind, they can land directly on your house and ignite it, even when the full blaze seems to be a safe distance away. That means when it comes to fire safety, you have to consider every inch of your house […]
Home Selling The Two Big Issues the Housing Market’s Facing Right Now! The Two Big Issues the Housing Market’s Facing Right Now Two dynamics are keeping existing-home inventory historically low – rate-locked existing homeowners and the fear of not finding the right property.” Rate-Locked Homeowners According to the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), the average interest rate for current homeowners with mortgages is less than 4% (see graph below):     […]
Misc Market data for July, 2023 In July 2023, the US labor market showed solid gains, easing recession fears. However, a tight labor market may sustain high inflation and prevent interest rate adjustments. Treasury yields rose, pushing mortgage rates above 7%. Home purchase sentiment remained steady despite weak mortgage applications. In summary, the labor market in the US continues to perform […]
Interest rates How global uncertainty is Impacting Mortgage Rates? If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home, you’ll want to keep a pulse on what’s happening with mortgage rates. Rates have been climbing in recent months, especially since January of this year. Global uncertainty can have a significant impact on mortgage rates. When there is a high level of uncertainty in the global […]
Home Equity Preposition 19 Copy Proposition 19 made changes to property tax assessment rules and inheritance provisions in the state.The main provisions of Prop 19 included:Here are some key points to consider before you vote. 1. Help move closer to family – Prop 19 provides housing relief to senior and desired homeowner so they can afford to move closer to […]
Buying “Marry the house and date the rate” While it is true that interest rates can have a significant impact on the housing market, it is also important to keep in mind that it can be difficult to time interest rate fluctuations to perfectly align with lower home prices. Instead of focusing solely on interest rates, home buyers looking to purchase a home […]
Home staging Four Key Tips for Selling Your House This Spring Spring has arrived, and that means more and more people are getting their homes ready to sell. But with recent shifts in real estate, this year’s spring housing market will be different from the frenzy of the past several years. To sell your house quickly, without hassles, and for the most money, be sure to […]
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