Misc 09/08/2023

How to Fire-harden your home!

Did you know embers are the most dangerous part of a wildfire? Carried by the wind, they can land directly on your house and ignite it, even when the full blaze seems to be a safe distance away. That means when it comes to fire safety, you have to consider every inch of your house as a potential vulnerability. But there are steps you can take today to protect your home and your family to make sure each and every part of your home is “hardened” in preparation.

• Regularly clean out rain gutters.
• Remove dead plants or dry leaves from the
property and regularly trim trees that come
close to the house.
• Clean outdoor decks to remove leaves that get
trapped between deck boards.
• Check fire extinguishers annually to be sure
they have not expired.
• Ensure the driveway and local access roads are
in good condition.