Home SellingHome staging 10/30/2023

4 Things in Your House that Turn Off Potential Buyers

1. That weird odor – We all become desensitized to the scents in our environment. Make sure your home passes the smell test by bringing in a trusted friend for a tour, especially if you’re a smoker, own pets or have experienced moisture issues.

2. Cluttered, crowded spaces – Less is more when it comes to house showings. Even if you have already pared down your belongings, we strongly recommend a second round of culling to make the place open, airy and inviting. Clear out:
Countertop appliances
Personal items and photos
Storage spaces, including basements, attics and closets
Excess furniture

3. Outdated fixtures and appliances – Sure, your 25-year-old appliances are still going like the Energizer bunny. But buyers want move-in ready. Your vintage-era home will make them dread the long list of expensive updates.

4. Lack of natural lighting – Good lighting elevates any room in the house. Replace sheer panels and drapes with less obstructive window treatments. Give all windows and screens a good cleaning and keep blinds and shades open for the showing.